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At Struers, we're here to ensure certainty for you: certainty at every stage of your metallographic preparation process, certainty for your product innovations, and certainty for your material research endeavors. We deliver the solutions, knowledge, and support necessary to enhance your laboratory outcomes, transforming your ideas and ambitions into tangible successes.


Struers is dedicated to making the world a better place. Through our pursuit of deep scientific insights and ground-breaking technologies, we deliver innovative solutions that enable you to excel and face the future with confidence.

It’s vital your business maintains the highest standards of performance and quality. That’s why you need a partner who is ready to support every stage of your preparation process – far into the future – with fast, accurate, safe, and efficient results you can rely on.

We call this Ensuring Certainty. It’s the reason countless businesses trust us to achieve their material analysis, development, and sustainability goals, and it’s why we continue to be the first choice for materialographic solutions, worldwide.


In every business area, safety is paramount to protect laboratory personnel and the integrity of the samples being handled. Sample preparation often involves rotating equipment and fluid substances, so implementing strict safety protocols is crucial.

Safety helps to keep your productivity high, maintain employee engagement and uphold the organization's reputation for professionalism and responsibility.

Struers is here to support your ambitions about safety, integrating safety as an integrated part of our entire portfolio to ensure a safe working environment for your operators.
safety document

Document your equipment

Did you know that Struers provides you with a conformity document for your equipment? The conformity document ensures that your preparation equipment meets all necessary standards and regulations, certifying its compliance for safe and effective use. Have you misplaced your conformity document? No worries: just contact us, and we will send it to you.

safety operator

Operator safety is our focus

Ensuring your safety and a safe working environment are our priorities in terms of consumables and equipment. For example, Labopol has six different splash rings to ensure fingers are protected no matter which disc set-up is used. Our consumables contain no hazardous materials, and with easy access to our safety data sheets (SDS) in local languages, you can easily find the protective measures and safety precautions.

safety flexible specimen holder

Innovation improves ergonomics

Handheld mechanical preparation can strain the operator’s wrist, elbow, and shoulder. With the Flexible specimen holder, you can fixate a wide range of especially odd-shaped specimens without holding them by hand—a far more ergonomically correct solution that significantly reduces strain on your joints while improving safety.


Accuracy is about getting it right; precision is about repeatability. In materialography, accuracy is the true structure, as in an image from a prepared sample reflecting the true microstructure with no implemented flaws; in materialography, they are called artifacts.

For your development of new materials, accurate measurements ensure that the result reflects the actual value of the sample being analyzed, which is vital for understanding the material properties and minimizing systematic errors.

Preparation equipment, a service plan, and the correct choice of consumables play an important role in achieving accuracy. From accurate and tight tolerances on cutting equipment to an accurate read on the hardness tester, we are here to help you enhance your accuracy.
Accuracy secotom

Thousands of precision cuts

Operators benefit from using the Struers Secotom – an accurate cutting machine – in several ways. Its cutting capabilities with tight tolerances ensure the operator accurate results, saving time and effort in sample preparation. The laser light is a great help when clamping, as it points out the position for your cut. This makes positioning easy and fast. Curious about what Secotom can do for you?

accuracy microelectronics

Preparation of microelectronics

With microelectronics' miniature dimensions and complex material compositions, a controlled and accurate metallographic preparation is essential when small targets are to be examined. Accuracy is the keyword for this task. The requirements for accuracy in the materialographic processes, both in cutting and removal, are also more pronounced for samples defined by dimensions in the µm range.

accuracy hardness tester

Reading the indent correctly

Your hardness testing process must deliver reliable results to comply with ISO and ASTM standards. Any errors can have serious consequences, such as production stops and product recalls. This means you must ensure your process meets your specific needs with the correct testing method with accurate and precise measurements. In our broad range of hardness testing equipment, there is also a solution to you.


For many labs, time is a limited resource and the time from samples to analysis results is crucial. That’s why you need easy and fast lab solutions and processes to get accurate results in the shortest possible process lead time.

Whether specializing in failure analysis, research and development, or quality control, labs often need to process more specimens in a shorter time while focusing on lower consumable consumption.

It starts with your choice of equipment and consumables. Our equipment helps you optimize your lab process using the right methods and consumables to reduce the time taken to reach your desired preparation result.
fast citofast

Mounting does matter

Mounting is more than just securing the handling of samples. It is crucial to securing a fast preparation process, lower consumable consumption, and less spend of operator time. Struers Citofast, an acrylic resin for hot mounting of softer materials, facilitates a very low mounting time and process time. Most importantly, Citofast improves edge retention, shortening your grinding and polishing process.

fast diapro

Faster preparation with DiaPro

Less polishing time, less cleaning time, and fewer preparation steps will reduce your total process time. No wonder an increasing number of high-throughput labs are optimizing their sample process with Struers DiaPro diamond suspension. The shorter polishing time you will achieve with DiaPro will also lead to savings on consumables with slower cloth wear, resulting in longer usage and reduced replacement expenses.

Fast abraplan

Up to 90% faster plane grinding

Fast and controlled material removal is essential in labs where speed and short turnaround times are required. Struers AbraPlan is your best choice for plane grinding if you need high throughput and have limited time. When used with Struers’ grinding stones and diamond discs, AbraPlan can reduce your grinding times by up to 90%.


Working more efficiently in labs involves maximizing output per resource, which ensures precise and timely analysis of material structures and samples. Especially relevant for labs that prepare many samples or have limited space for equipment, machines, and consumables.

A laboratory functions as a production facility with workflows, requiring constant improvement in each process to efficiently utilize resources like operator time, consumables, and equipment. That requires skilled operators and insights into processes and metallographic preparations focusing on your needs. Perhaps automated solutions would improve efficiency and free up valuable operator time for other tasks.

Our equipment, consumables, and accessories can cover any metallographic task, helping you optimize your process and make the best use of your lab's space. And it all starts with professional training.
Efficient training

Training improves your efficiency

Participating in one of our popular training sessions can significantly improve your efficiency in your sample preparation. A combination of theoretical training, practical exercises, and hands-on training at one of Struers’ lab facilities. You will learn about the entire preparation process: Cutting, mounting, grinding, polishing, and etching with pre-prepared or your own samples.

Efficient metalogram

How do you grind and polish?

Your preparation goal is to reveal the true structure of the material, and the most efficient way is with a systematic preparation method. Sample preparation follows certain rules where materials with corresponding properties (hardness and ductility) respond similarly and require the same method. Therefore, all the materials and their preparation methods can be displayed in the Metalogram.

Efficient xmatic

What can automation do for you?

Do you struggle with maximizing reproducibility, process standardizations, and achieving higher throughput in a constantly changing, fast environment while preparing multiple samples per week? Then perhaps an automated solution like Xmatic is the answer to increasing your preparation process's efficiency. It is the first fully automated, end-to-end grinding and polishing solution. Curious about more?


Since 1875, Struers has been at the forefront of innovation in materialographic science and technology.

Today, our expertise and solutions cover the entire material testing process, with cutting-edge equipment and consumables designed for every material and preparation need, a comprehensive method database, and tailored service plans that deliver lifetime support for your equipment.

We also understand that your industry and business is continually evolving. As new materials and applications come into the market, we are constantly developing new technologies, such as automation and digitalisation, to give you a stronger competitive advantage.

Our founder, Holger F. Struer, taught us the value of upholding standards that are almost impossibly high. It’s what makes the difference. It drives us to support your needs, whatever your industry or challenge, by ensuring certainty for you, your customers, and the world we live in.

Ensuring the future

“The success of our customers is rooted in the enthusiasm and skills of our employees all over the world today. Involvement, knowledge sharing, mutual respect, and listening to our customers are the backbone of our drive for continuous improvement and innovation on their behalf. We are proud of the future we share with our customers. And we will continue to serve them by developing and delivering world-class technology and knowledge in a way that only a world leader can do.”

Steen Jensen
President at Struers

Struers President, Steen Jensen


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