Our Values


Every new product starts with an idea. An ambition.

As it travels through each stage to realization, it must be constantly tested and verified to prove its worth. With investments, reputations, and often lives on the line, there is simply no room for doubt – your customers and the people they serve depend upon the quality, consistency, and reliability you provide.

That’s why, by supporting you with everything you need to optimize your sample preparation process, Struers ensures certainty for your material testing results, every time. Together, we can make your ambitions a reality.


Struers is dedicated to making the world a better place. Through our pursuit of deep scientific insights and ground-breaking technologies, we deliver innovative solutions that enable you to excel and face the future with confidence.

It’s vital your business maintains the highest standards of performance and quality. That’s why you need a partner who is ready to support every stage of your preparation process – far into the future – with fast, accurate, safe, and efficient results you can rely on.

We call this Ensuring Certainty. It’s the reason countless businesses trust us to achieve their material analysis, development, and sustainability goals, and it’s why we continue to be the first choice for materialographic solutions, worldwide.
About Our Values


Since 1875, Struers has been at the forefront of innovation in materialographic science and technology.

Today, our expertise and solutions cover the entire material testing process, with cutting-edge equipment and consumables designed for every material and preparation need, a comprehensive method database, and tailored service plans that deliver lifetime support for your equipment.

We also understand that your industry and business is continually evolving. As new materials and applications come into the market, we are constantly developing new technologies, such as automation and digitalisation, to give you a stronger competitive advantage.

Our founder, Holger F. Struer, taught us the value of upholding standards that are almost impossibly high. It’s what makes the difference. It drives us to support your needs, whatever your industry or challenge, by ensuring certainty for you, your customers, and the world we live in.

Ensuring the future

“The success of our customers is rooted in the enthusiasm and skills of our employees all over the world today. Involvement, knowledge sharing, mutual respect, and listening to our customers are the backbone of our drive for continuous improvement and innovation on their behalf. We are proud of the future we share with our customers. And we will continue to serve them by developing and delivering world-class technology and knowledge in a way that only a world leader can do.”

Steen Jensen
President at Struers

Struers President, Steen Jensen


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Struers is a global company with a strong heritage, a large product portfolio within metallographic preparation, an insightful materialographic philosophy and most importantly highly skilled and motivated employees.

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