Ensure perfectly prepared surfaces in the field.

TransPol-5 facts

  • High performance and portable grinding and polishing tool
  • Easy remote-controlled operation
  • Total solution for prepared surfaces
  • High performance motor ensures sufficient power working even with the coarsest paper.
  • Battery or mains powered with an exchangeable battery pack
  • Remote-controlled operation by use of a 3.0 m flexible cable
  • All necessary accessories are included, and are easily stored in the hold of the carrying case.

Trans P ol-5 is a portable, non-destructive metallographic grinding/polishing machine built to withstand rugged field conditions. Very compact 32 mm grinding and polishing disks mean that welds, in even the most inaccessible places, can be handled.

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Designed for field work

TransPol has been designed for field work. The equipment is compact and light for easy transport and can be used literally under any conditions.

Effectively reveals changes in the microstructure

The Struers TransPol method effectively reveals changes in the microstructure of the metal and so prevents possible damage because of cracks and leaks.


  • TransPol high performance

    High Performance Motor

    The powerful motor ensures sufficient power, working even with the coarsest grinding paper. The motor has variable speed (0-20,000 rpm) for optimum results.

    High Performance Motor
  • TransPol battery or mains

    Battery or Mains Powered

    An exchangeable battery pack offers up to 1.5 hours of continuous battery operation. With the battery pack installed, TransPol-5 can also be connected to the power mains and used directly. The battery pack is shared with the MoviPol-5 electropolisher. The battery pack and charger are included.

    Battery or Mains Powered
  • TransPol all accessories

    All Accessories Included

    All necessary accessories are included, and are easily stored in the hold of the carrying case. Here, there is also plenty of storage space for all consumables needed for the preparation. The portable grinder/polisher comes with both an angled and a straight handle, and exchangeable rubber disks, for support of the grinding paper and polishing cloth disks.

    All Accessories Included
  • TransPol remote controlled

    Remote-controlled Operation

    TransPol-5 comes with a 3.0 m cable. When the operator needs to climb onto a ladder, for example, the carrying case can stay on the ground, while the grinding/polishing unit is remote-controlled from the elevated position.

    Remote-controlled Operation


Model types


TransPol-5 portable, non-destructive metallographic grinding/polishing machine
Portable, metallographic grinding/polishing machine with a 3.0 m connection cable. Battery or mains operation, 30V or 100-240V / 50-60Hz. Complete with shoulder strap, rechargeable battery pack, battery charger, reduction gear unit, straight handle, right angle handle, and four rubber disks. TransPol-5, 30V or 100-240V / 50-60Hz

Struers’ equipment is in conformity with the provisions of the applicable international directives and their appurtenant standards.
Struers’ products are subject to constant product development. Therefore, we reserve the right to introduce changes to our products without notice.

Technical Data

TransPol-5 Technical Data Sheet

Struers Technical Data Sheets are designed to help you make the best choice of equipment for your particular purpose. You can find important information such as capacity and performance specifications, dimensions, weight, electrical data, noise levels, ambient conditions, and safety. In many cases you can also obtain an overview of accessories offering higher capacity and performance.

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Technical Data Sheet

Ensuring certainty with Struers tailored support services

To optimize your processes, enhance your quality control performance and ensure equipment availability, we offer a wide range of services, training and support.

From preventive maintenance to training and process analysis, our Service Plans, Service Packages and Single Services are delivered by experienced technical service engineers and application specialists – and can be tailored to match your needs.

Correct preparation solutions

"True structures require proper and correct applications. Different material properties require broad application knowledge. Struers application specialists are experts in optimizing preparation methods, because application knowledge is necessary to select the correct preparation solutions. Your material – our application solutions.”

Birgitte Nielsen
Application Specialist, Struers ApS

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Don’t make do with what we say! Look for the truth in the experiences of the people who use our equipment and knowledge. We asked a few of our loyal customers to tell us what they think is most important about Struers.

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We are extremely satisfied with the highly skilled service delivered by Struers. They always meet our needs quickly and efficiently. BRP Powertrain GmbH & Co. KG (Austria) Herr Thomas Brunmair Supervisor Material Lab
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Since adopting Struers equipment, we have made significant savings within our manufacturing process as a result of reduced manpower requirements and productivity improvements. Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK Ltd. John Smart Production Supervisor
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My relationship with Struers dates back over many years. The reason is their expert advice, good service, and their use of our application laboratory in the case of difficult questions that are best resolved on-site. WWU Münster, Institut für Planetologie Ursula Heitmann Mineral Specimen Preparer