Struers Support Commitment

Struers Support Commitment

When you use our equipment, you want high productivity and quality results. That’s why we developed the Struers Support Commitment.

With the Struers Support Commitment, you get:

  • Access to our global support hotline
  • Expert advice on how to optimize your processes
  • Spare parts available ten years after the equipment has been discontinued
  • Online documentation support
  • An annual service review
  • Access to a complete range of value-adding services
  • Rapid delivery of spare parts globally

Availability. Predictability. Uptime.

The Struers Support Commitment is our commitment to ensuring you get the best out of your investment in our equipment. It applies to all Struers customers, and gives you access to a global support network and expertise that ensures you get greater availability, predictability and uptime for the lifetime of your Struers equipment.


  • Optimize your processes, methods and workflows with advice and guidance from our specialists in materialography and hardness testing.
  • Global telephone support and assistance from our support network across the globe ensures issues are dealt with fast.


  • Improve the quality and repeatability of your results with help from our specialists in materialography and hardness testing.
  • An annual service visit by Struers technical service engineers ensures high predictability, long-term performance and a good return on your investment.


  • Rapid delivery of spare parts and fast access to an experienced technical service engineer limits downtime.
  • Staff training in the correct use of equipment ensures agreed uptime, quality and performance.

Struers Support Commitment

Always there for you

As a global company with a local presence, you can rely on us to provide technical service expertise and spare parts – whenever you need them. We are always there for you. All you need to do is tell us how we can help.

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Your team of expert technical service engineers

Our Support Commitment ensures you get fast support from our global team of experienced and highly qualified technical service engineers.
  • All equipment serviced or repaired by Struers technical service engineers will comply with the same specifications as the original equipment
  • All service tools, service workshops and test facilities used by our technical service engineers are specified and approved by Struers
  • All our technical service engineers receive regular and highly specialized training at Struers headquarters, covering everything from older machines to the latest equipment
Struers Support Commitment

Struers spare parts

We make our equipment to last. To ensure you benefit from a maximum lifetime and high return on investment, all Struers spare parts are available for at least ten years after the equipment has been discontinued – and we automatically replace wear parts when we perform a service visit.

Fast delivery of spare parts

We know that uptime is important to productivity, so we do all we can to ensure you have the spare parts you need, when you need them.
  • We guarantee that critical parts are always in stock
  • Critical parts will be dispatched to you immediately
  • Wear parts will be dispatched as quickly as possible

Struers Service Packages

Delivered by our experienced technical service engineers and application specialists, our Service Packages give you all the essential services and training you need to ensure rapid start-up, output to specification, optimized processes and maximum uptime.

There are three different Service Packages to choose from: