Hardness Tester Accessories


Engineered to simplify and automate the most complicated hardness testing requirements across industries in the hardness testing field with all simplicity.

  • Predesigned preferred applications
  • Advanced workflow control
  • Enhanced reporting

Struers offers a wide range of additional software modules that can be added to the software of your Duramin hardness tester

A simple test can be set up in 3 seconds only, and the test that took hours and hours to map out on a sample can be accomplished in under 10 minutes for the first time, then under a minute for each repeated performance, all based on a user level management system to maximize repeatability and reproductivity across multiple operators.

Available additional software modules.

  • Weld measurement module
  • Fracture toughness (Kc) module
  • Cartridge testing module
  • CHD testing module
  • Test point editor
  • (De)-carb test acc.to ISO898-1
  • Remote control module
  • Automatic edge detection
  • Automatic contour scanning
  • Automatic mapping Module
  • Q-DAS certif. Connection protocol
  • Duramin utility software
  • CHD test module. Manual XY-stage
  • Test point editor. Duramin-40M
  • Drawing and measurement module
  • Image stitching module
  • Force / depth / time diagram
  • Tap screw measurement (ISO2702)

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Software modules for your Duramin Hardness Tester

Weld measurement module

Dedicated Weld Hardness measurement module for defining patterns according to base material, HAZ and Weld zone.

  • Customizable pattern, it can be adapted to any weld geometries.
  • Allows accurate positioning of the indents along the Fusion Line with specific distance from the surface (according to international standards).

Fracture toughness (Kc) module

Module for measuring Fracture Toughness KIc using Nihara's formulation.

  • Easy to identify the crack tips thanks to the magnifying lens tool.
  • Different formulations for Palmqvist and Median fracture models.

Cartridge testing module

Module for testing shells/casings according to ammunition industry demands.

  • Easy data management for multiple indents along the length of the cartridge.

CHD testing module

CHD test module for machines with automatic stages. Enables CHD, SHD and NHD testing patterns.

  • Quick setup for test, analysis and reporting of surface treated samples.
  • Easy to position indentation patterns perpendicular to the surface thanks to the “Edge Detection” function.
  • Automatic test termination to reduce testing duration and save time.

Test point editor

Module for defining and setting up basic test patterns (line, square, zigzag, triangle) on testers with a motorized stage.

  • Create simple patterns in a few seconds.
  • Possibility to set up multiple patterns for automatic testing on multiple samples.

(De)-carb test acc. to ISO898-1

Module for detection and analysis of fastener threads in order to find appropriate test locations for a three-point ISO 898-1 pattern.

  • Automatic contour detection of the thread.

Remote control module

Module for enabling remote control of the hardness tester using TCP/IP.

  • Communication interface.
  • The module allows the HAT to be controlled remotely using TCP/IP communication protocol.

Automatic edge detection

Module for edge recognition for creating test pattern parallel to the specimen edge.

  • For quick positioning of indents at specific distance and angles with respect to the sample contour.
  • Useful for automatic extensive analysis of surface hardness and hardening depth.

Automatic contour scanning

Module for scanning the full contour of the specimen.

  • Builds a 2D model of the sample within seconds.
  • Enables the use of area hardness mapping.

Automatic mapping module

Module for 2D or 3D hardness mapping over areas or scanned contours.

  • Creates a color map of the full surface, allowing to identify hardness variations and criticalities in the sample.
  • Ideal for extrapolation of mechanical properties of materials on the whole surface.

Q-DAS certify. Connection protocol

Module for exporting test results in QDAS format (Aq def or Dfd/Dfx).

  • Ideal for implementation in large testing facilities.
  • For efficient data management and tracking of complex data sets.

Duramin utility software

Module for exporting test results, scale and time stamp directly into Microsoft Excel on an external PC.

  • It allows raw data export in real time for customized data post processing.
  • Perfect for laboratories where remote data storage and analysis are necessary.

CHD test module. Manual XY-stage

Module for enabling CHD, SHD, NHD patterns on manual stages.

  • Ideal for simple hardening depth tests which do not require an automatic stage.

Test point editor. Duramin-40M

Module for creation of test point patterns (includes +CHD, SHD, NHD) on manual stages.

  • Enables advanced testing even on manual stages.

Drawing and measurement module

Module for annotations and manual measurements for simple non-hardness measurements (distances and angles).

  • For quick and accurate measurements on the surface without the need of an external microscope and software.
  • Measurements can be saved and included in a report with just a few clicks.

Image stitching module

Module for scanning and stitching for a full stage overview or detailed images of larger areas of a test sample.

  • Ideal for large samples such as big welds and large mechanical components.
  • No need for external microscopes and additional wide angle lenses.

Force / depth / time diagram

Module for showing the force/depth/time diagram for an indentation (only for testers with Rockwell capabilities).

  • When advanced control of loading conditions is necessary.

Tap screw measurement (ISO2702)

Module for fully automatic testing according to ISO 2702 for screw thread measurement of (de)-carbonized parts.

  • Allows to select screw type for easy testing according to ISO 2702.