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Struers was the first company in the world to market an automatic preparation machine as part of the materialographic process. More than 100 years later, we continue to develop equipment and consumables for specimen preparation, and for quality assurance in the mass production of steel and other metal products, ranging from structures such as buildings and bridges to car wheels and ball bearings.   Struers employs process knowledge and the latest technologies in its materialographic preparation equipment to ensure repeatability, speed, and cost-efficiency of the metallurgy industry all over the world.


Foundry g&p

Foundries: Revolutionize Quality Control

Are you working in a foundry and looking for metallographic advice for every step in the quality control area? This brand-new article from the Struers team will discuss the steps and techniques to prepare metal specimens, focusing on how to prepare, verify and check hardness for Cast Iron and Aluminium. Discover how to fine grind and polish your unmounted specimens in 10 minutes, produce a verification analysis in 30 seconds and produce fast hardness test results.

Foundry Hardness Testing

Hardness Testing and Verification in Foundries

In the dynamic area of quality control within Foundries, the assurance of quality and rapid results in verification and hardness tests are paramount. Yet, the task of sample verification often presents challenges, consuming valuable time. This article delves into streamlined approaches to generate a verification analysis within 30 seconds, ensuring uniformity across all samples. Explore the insights into selecting the optimal hardness test method for your specific requirements.


How to reveal all points of interest in PoDFA samples in just 15 minutes

Metal cleanliness is a crucial quality control parameter in aluminum production. Multiple filter units are analyzed daily, and results are highly depending on the quality of the sample preparation. This materialographic solution supports high demands on reproducibility and low tolerance to preparation artefacts.


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