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With an extensive network of logistic centers, sales offices, and laboratories combined with a solid network of distributors you as a customer benefit from our global network and local support and expertise.

In other words, our global network means that, regardless of your location, you can rely on consistent product quality, prompt assistance, and a deep understanding of your unique needs.

Key facts

As a global and trusted partner, we enable our customers to excel in their preparation and we provide everything your labs need to be more efficient, accurate, and safe. In that way, they can deliver solutions and materials that perform better, last longer, and cost less to produce.

With more than 12 metallographic labs and 25 application specialists around the world, we are here to support your journey from idea to realization.

Welcome in our metallographic labs

With +12 labs worldwide, we can support you with materials testing, quality control, and research. Our metallographic labs are equipped with the latest advanced equipment to help you optimize your preparation process and gain insight into composition, grain structure, troubleshooting, and defects of materials.

In many industries, such as automotive and aerospace, metallographic analysis is crucial for ensuring the quality and integrity of materials. Visiting our lab allows you to witness firsthand how thorough testing processes contribute to quality assurance and compliance with industry standards and how you can improve your own samples.

We offer training sessions for those who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in material analysis both as a group an individual training. If you want to visit our labs, please contact us here.

Meet our application specialists

At Struers, we are home to many of the world’s foremost materialographic experts and application specialists, and we strive to deliver second-to-none expertise in all we do.

Based on years of experience and expertise from a wide variety of industries, the team enables our customers all over the world to discover new opportunities for enhancing quality control, failure analysis, and productivity, and to develop new applications and methods in order to meet evolving needs.

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Approachable application specialists

We are here to help

Contact our application specialists to improve your quality control, failure analysis, material science, or academic research. Or if you have a specific question about a preparation method, a material or an industry related issue. We are here to help you.

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