Struers cutting accessories

Cutting accessories

A wide range of accessories is available for Struers Cutoff Machines

  • T-slot turntables
  • Parallel cutting table
  • Quick-clamping devices for 10 mm and 12 mm T-slot cutting tables
  • Vertical clamping systems for 10 mm and 12 mm T-slot cutting tables
  • Chain spanner
  • Adjustable support blocks
  • Jaw blocks Replacement stainless steel bands for T-slot cutting tables
  • Advanced modular system for the supply of cooling water on preparation equipment
  • Specimen holders for precision cutoff machines

Struers Cooling System

Cooling System

Compact and robust system for the supply of cooling water to preparation and cutting equipment

  • Three tank sizes
  • Control unit
  • Static filter
  • Magnetic filter option
  • Automatic bandfilter unit for high-volume cutting

Struers Cooling System is a compact system for the supply of cooling water to cutoff machines. The machine's compact design enables it to be stored underneath tables.

Tank sizes for cooling system

Tank sizes

Three tank sizes 50 l, 100 l and 150 l.
The tanks are produced in stainless steel for a long product lifetime and high heat dissipation.

Control Unit for Cooling System

Control Unit

The control unit starts and stops the pump as required by the connected machine.

Static Filter for Cooling System

Static filter

Re-useable filter bag

Magnetic Filter for Cooling System

Magnetic filter

A magnetic candle can be inserted into the tank to collect magnetic particles that are too fine to be picked up by the bandfilter (option).

Pumps for Cooling System


Large pump 112 l/minute at 1.0 bar
Small pump 60 l/minute at 1.0 bar

Automatic bandfilter unit for cooling unit

Automatic bandfilter unit

The automatic bandfilter unit, Coolimat-2000, is intended for use with cut-off machines with high sample volume. When used, all debris is automatically disposed of. It comes with a large 200 l tank and 100 metres of paper roll for long uninterrupted use and infrequent paper changes. Coolimat-2000 is also available in a static filter version.

Clamping Tools

Solid and easy-to-use clamping tools for all purposes

Clamping tools for regularly shaped workpieces:
  • Quick clamping tools
  • Jaw block
  • T-slot turntable
  • Parallel cutting table

Clamping tools for irregularly shaped workpieces:
  • Vertical clamping tools
  • Chain spanner
  • Adjustable support blocks
  • Sliding Rail Kit
  • Clamping tool for bolts and fasteners

Please contact us for more information about cutting accessories.

Cutting accessories quick clamping tools

Quick clamping tools

Quick clamping tools are used for cutting of workpieces with various uniform geometries, such as shafts, when quick relocation is required.

Quick clamping tools feature stainless steel jaws and base plate, and have a low build height for greater cutting flexibility.

  • Available in 8.0, 10 and 12 mm T-nut versions.

Cutting accessories jaw blocks

Jaw blocks

Jaw blocks are used together with Struers’ quick clamping tools. You can choose between three versions for optimum clamping:

  • Grooved – for generally improved grip of workpieces
  • Rubber – for pressure sensitive workpieces, for example
  • Prism – angled to press the workpiece downwards

Cutting consumables T-slot turntable

T-slot turntable

The T-slot turntable is used for angular cutting of tubes, for example, between 0° and 90°.

  • Available in a 10 mm and 12 mm version.
  • The table height is 42 mm.

Cutting accessories parallel cutting table

Parallel cutting table

The parallel cutting table is used for cutting uniform slices with accurate and fast repositioning of the workpiece.

  • It features 10 mm T-slots.
  • The table height is 58 mm to match the depth of the cutoff machines, and the entire table can be used for clamping.
  • The tabletop dimensions are 140 x 265 mm, and the cutting table has a positioning range of 60 mm.
  • The handle is detachable.

Cutting accessories vertical clamping tools

Vertical clamping tools

The vertical clamping tool is specifically designed for multi-purpose clamping of irregular samples.

  • Max. clamping height: 58 mm or 105 mm with an optional riser block.
  • Set of swivel shoes for optimum hold (option)
  • Arm extension: Adds 90 mm reach (option)
  • Available in 8.0, 10 and 12 mm T-nut versions
  • Available on sliding rail

Cutting accessories chain spanner

Chain spanner

Clamping of large, regularly shaped workpieces

  • For clamping of large, irregularly shaped workpieces
  • Anchor block for retaining chain
  • Available in 12 mm T-nut version

Cutting accessories- adjustable support blocks

Adjustable support blocks

Essential for clamping of irregularly shaped workpieces

  • Suitable for crankshafts, for example
  • Turnable, horizontally and vertically adjustable
  • Height adjustment range: 60-80 mm, 80-100 mm or 100-120 mm, using three different crowns
  • Two versions: Mounted on a base plate or mounted on a T-nut for direct insertion into the T-slot

Cutting accessories, tools for bolts and fasteners

Clamping tools for bolts and fasteners

For longitudinal sectioning of bolts and fasteners

  • Complete with tungsten carbide tipped cutoff wheel support
  • Clamping range: 4.0 mm -12 mm
  • For 8.0 mm T-slots

Cutting consumables