Cutting Consumables

Cutting Consumables

Wide range of cutoff wheels for all types of materialographic preparations

  • No structural changes
  • No overheating
  • No deformation

Struers’ cut-off wheels are especially designed for Struers’ machines, including state-of-the-art abrasive wet cutting techniques. They have been specially developed for materialographic specimen preparation – producing specimens that are in perfect condition for the next preparation step.

You can improve your sectioning of virtually all cutting materials usinge Struers’ comprehensive selection of cut-off wheels and additives, such as Cooli Additive and Cooli Additive Plus, that allows you 3 times as many cuts. You can use, all Struers cutting consumables without causing structural changes to the wheel or specimen due to overheating or deformation, ensuring a maximum life time of the wheels.

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CIE Praga Louny, a.s., who primarily produces machined parts for the automotive sector, wanted to increase and simplify production capacity in their lab, reducing costs and with no new investment. More specific, the company required an even more efficient method for quality testing the hardening of their produced wheel flanges.


In cooperation with Struers, they developed a new sectioning process for the quality test. After testing several cut-off wheels, the result showed that Struers Premium Alumina cut-off wheels, in this case, have a lifetime three times as long when compared to standard cut-off wheels. Premium Alumina cut-off wheels also delivered the best results concerning quality and the maximum speed of the cutting process.


With Struers Premium cut-off wheels, CIE Praga Louny, a.s. achieved:

• An increased feed speed by 50 %
• A calculated reduction of costs by 50 %
• Three times increasing of cut-off wheel lifetime
• Lower costs in a shorter time span due to the quality of the cut

Břetislav Bubeníček, Product Assurance Engineer, CIE Praga Louny, a.s

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6 ways to improve the speed and efficiency of your cutting

A fast and efficient sample analysis process starts with the cutting and sectioning. Get your cutting right to improve your sample quality and save time in the next step of the process.

  • Improve your cutting precision
  • Increase reproducibility
  • Step up the speed of your cutting and sectioning

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Cutting consumables

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