Mounting Accessories

Mounting Accessories

You can choose from a large variety of accessories to enable easy handling and more accurate specimen preparation using both hot and cold mounting

  • Easy handling
  • Higher accuracy
  • Higher productivity

You can use original Struers dosing accessories to ensure resin dosing as simple and convenient as possible.

Marking and engraving accessories are extremely easy to handle and can be used in normal writing positions with a minimum of pressure. Taper section angles and support clips are available to make positioning of samples in the resin easy and as you need it every time.

You can choose from a wide range of mounting cups, fluorescent dyes for microscopic examination, and dyes for acrylic resins for easy specimen identification. An electric mixer ensures optimal mixing of epoxy components, a Wupty tool makes it easy to press mounts out of FixiForm, and a drybox lets you dry and cure specimens.

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Struers e-Shop: easy ordering at your convenience


Easy ordering at your convenience

The Struers Webshop gives you access to your full range of consumables for materialographic sample preparation. It also offers you a planning tool based on your particular requirements.

Designed with your purchasing needs in mind, you can access your order history, reorder, enter new orders, get real-time product availability, and see delivery times.

View your pending orders and manage shipping and payment details – all in one place, and whenever it suits you.

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