Struers Service Guard

Struers ServiceGuard for non-stop peace of mind

Increase productivity, lower costs and ensure the quality of your results with Struers ServiceGuard, a complete range services.

Struers ServiceGuard gives you:

  • The Struers Support Commitment
  • Access to a complete range of service plans, packages and single services
  • Original Struers spare parts
  • Access to our global network of technical service engineers and application specialists
  • Technical services and materialographic knowledge sharing

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Struers ServiceGuard

Struers ServiceGuard is our commitment to ensuring you get the most out of your Struers equipment. It has been developed using customer insight and is designed to meet the exact needs and challenges of today’s quality control teams.

As well as maintenance support and spare parts to ensure long-term high performance, we provide you with access to our highly qualified technical service engineers and specialists in materialographic preparation and testing – to help improve your efficiency, productivity and uptime.

Uptime, efficiency and better results

Struers is the only worldwide supplier to the materialographic industry to offer a complete range of equipment and accessories, as well as expert knowledge, training and aftersales service. Using knowledge gained in a wide range of industries – from automotive and aerospace to electronics and manufacturing – our team of technical service engineers and application specialists help ensure the optimization, reliability and predictability of your quality control processes.

The result is higher uptime, greater efficiency and more accurate results – so you can lower your costs and increase your productivity, while also delivering higher quality to your customers.
Struers Support Commitment

The Struers Support Commitment

The Struers Support Commitment applies to every Struers customer for the lifetime of their Struers equipment. Whenever you buy a piece of equipment from us, the Struers Support Commitment gives you access to our global support network to help ensure you get greater availability, predictability and uptime in your quality control processes.

We are committed to supplying spare parts for all our equipment for at least ten years after the equipment has been discontinued.

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The Struers Support Commitment gives you:

  • Access to our global support hotline
  • Access to our global network of technical service engineers
  • Advice and specialist expertise from our application specialists on how to optimize your processes and performance
  • Online documentation support
  • An annual service review
  • Access to a complete range of value-adding services
  • Rapid delivery of spare parts globally

Tailored service plans, packages and single services

From preventive maintenance to process optimization and industry-specific expertise, we work with you to ensure the long-term performance of your equipment, enhance your processes and improve your quality control results.

All our service plans, packages and single services are delivered by our experienced technical service engineers and application specialists, who use their extensive skills and industry-specific process knowledge to tailor their support to the needs of your quality control department.

Service Plans

A Struers Service Plan prevents unexpected issues to ensure greater uptime and efficiency, and helps optimize your processes to improve the predictability and reliability of your test results. There are three levels to choose from: Prevent, Protect and Perform.

Select the right Service Plan for you

Service Packages

Our Service Packages contain the essential services and training you need to ensure rapid start-up, output to specification, process optimization and high uptime. You can choose between three different Service Packages and combine them with Single Services according to your needs.

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Single Services

Every quality control department is different and has its own unique challenges. Our Single Services allow you to focus on your specific requirements to ensure high quality results and increased efficiency.

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Service and Support

Struers spare parts

Our equipment is known for its durability and long operating lifetime. To ensure long-term performance and uptime, we supply spare parts made with the same high quality as the original equipment.

Our spare parts promise
  • We are committed to supplying spare parts for all our equipment for at least ten years after the equipment has been discontinued
  • We guarantee that critical parts are always in stock and will be dispatched to you immediately to ensure rapid delivery and minimal disruption to your workflow

Your team of Struers technical service engineers

As a Struers customer, you get access to our global team of experienced and highly qualified technical service engineers, as well as fast support from our global support network. All our technical service engineers receive highly specialized regular training at Struers headquarters, covering everything from older machines to the latest equipment.

Our service promise
  • All equipment serviced or repaired by Struers technical service engineers will comply with the same specifications as the original equipment
  • All service tools, service workshops and test facilities used by our technical service engineers are specified and approved by Struers

All the knowledge and expertise you need

We are a global company with more than 140 years of experience. Over the years, we have developed a broad knowledge base and expertise in all aspects of materialography and hardness testing. As a Struers customer, you can access this expertise to help improve your productivity, uptime and the quality of your results.

You benefit from
  • Webinars and courses delivered by experienced engineers and specialists in materialography and hardness testing
  • Industry-specific materialographic application notes and reports
  • Tailored training courses and training packages
Meet our application

Meet our application specialists

With years of experience from a wide variety of industries, our team of specialists in materialography and hardness testing help customers around the world enhance their quality control procedures, failure analysis and productivity. If you need help with a particular challenge or are looking for new ways to improve your workflows and results, let us know.

The experience to make a difference

  • Excellent theoretical knowledge and practical experience
  • Experience in practical hands-on training

Meet our application specialists