MD System plane grindnig surfaces

MD grinding surfaces

Experience superior results with our unique MD grinding surfaces

With an MD grinding surface dedicated to your specific material, you can reduce your preparation time while meeting high preparation requirements – ideal for high-volume, automated set-ups.

  • Achieve high quality results with a grinding surface optimized to your material
  • Ensure reproducibility with a robust process
  • Maximize your efficiency and reduce your process waste

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Dedicated for ductile materials, the new MD-Alto can speed up your plane grinding step without compromising on high quality results. Its consistently high removal and long lifetime mean you no longer waste time changing surfaces and you free up operators for other tasks.

  • Reduce your preparation time compared to methods with SiC Foils or Papers
  • Optimized for stainless steel and nickel-based alloys
  • Maximize your reproducibility with a long-lasting grinding surface

How much time will you save?

With a unique resin-bonded aluminum oxide construction, MD-Alto can replace 50 SiC Foils or Papers, enabling you to prepare multiple specimens without stopping. The rigid MD surface results in a smooth specimen without comprising on high quality results. It is robust enough to deburr specimens without ripping. Use MD-Alto on your compact table-top grinding equipment to free up space in your lab and save time and waste in your materialographic processes.

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How can MD grinding surfaces support your materialographic process?

Achieve superior preparation results

If you are looking for high quality preparation results with virtually no artifacts, MD surfaces are ideal for you. The rigid MD surface offers no resilience, achieving a plane specimen and avoiding edge rounding. It also ensures uniform material removal with no smearing in soft phases or chipping in brittle phases.

Find a surface optimized to your material

When you work with a specific material, why compromise on an all-round solution? Each of our MD surfaces is optimized for a dedicated material group. You are sure to find an MD surface for your material from our wide range. The unique combination of pattern, abrasives and bonding for each surface provides consistently high removal while causing minimal deformation. As a result, you can reduce the time spent on your following steps by up to 50 %.

Minimize errors and maximize reproducibility

Support a robust, standardized process by eliminating both random errors and human errors. The ready-to-use MD surface reduces the complexity of your process and its consistent removal ensures reproducible results – time after time.

Reduce your process waste in changing surfaces

What if you could free up an operator while your automated equipment does the job? The durable MD surface lasts significantly longer than SiC Foils or Papers, and does not need replacing as frequently which will reduce your process waste and maximize your efficiency.


MD Key features 1024x759px Principle of the MD grinding surfaces

Rigid surface

The rigid MD surface offers no resilience, ensuring a plane specimen and avoiding edge rounding for superior preparation results


Optimized patterns

Each pattern minimizes the build-up of grinding debris for consistently high removal with minimal deformation, saving time in your following preparation steps

Easy to use

Easy to use

With virtually no need to run in or pre-dress the surface, the MD surface is ready to use and requires practically no maintenance besides the occasional dressing

MD Key features 1024x759px Removal Rate

Consistently high removal

The embedded abrasives stay sharp for a long period of time to provide consistently high removal, ensuring high quality specimens and increasing reproducibility

MD Key features 1024x759px MD versus SiCl

Long lifetime

MD surfaces have a significantly longer lifetime than SiC Foils and Papers. Each MD surface can replace up to 100 SiC Papers or Foils

MD Key features 1024x759px Water cooling

Water cooling

MD surfaces with embedded abrasives use water for cooling, which is the ideal coolant for minimizing heat

Flexible Steel plate

Anti-slip backing

The coarser MD surfaces have an anti-slip backing to ensure safe attachment to the magnetic disc, even when there is high friction during the grinding process

MD System surface overview

Flexible steel plate

All our MD surfaces are based on a thin, flexible steel plate which makes positioning, removal and storage easy. Flatness is maintained throughout the surface's lifetime

Anti slip backing

Unique surface technology

MD-Alto is constructed with a unique resin-bonded aluminum oxide surface, dedicated for ductile materials to provide constant removal

Find the ideal MD grinding surface for you

Plane grinding

MD Key features 1024x759px MD Piano fritlagt


• Designed for grinding of materials with a hardness > 150 HV
• Alternative to diamond pads for larger ceramic or sintered carbide specimens
• Particularly suitable for ferrous materials
• Not suitable for ductile materials
• Available in multiple variations to provide a specimen finish comparable to SiC grit 80, 120 or 220 (FEPA P)
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Diamond Pads

Diamond Pads

• Compatible with the MD system, self-adhesive for use on MD-Gekko
• Metal bonded diamond grinding pad for materials with a hardness higher than 600 HV
• Available in 4 grain sizes: 250 µm, 125 µm, 40 µm and 20 µm
Download technical specifications here

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Fine grinding

MD Key features 1024x759px MD Largo


• For materials in the 40-250 HV range
• For soft materials or for composites with a soft matrix
• Can be used with Diamond suspension or spray
• Recommended for use with all-in-one DiaPro diamond products
• Can provide single step fine grinding
Download technical specifications here

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MD Key features 1024x759px MD Piano fritlagt


• For materials with a hardness > 150 HV
• Particularly suitable for ferrous materials, concrete and ceramics
• Provides a specimen finish comparable to SiC grit 2000-4000 (FEPA P)
• Can provide very short grinding times and reduce preparation times
Download technical specifications here

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See full details and technical specifications

Get a complete overview of all our MD grinding surfaces, organized by material group and grinding step, together with their full details and technical specifications.

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Do you work with a very hard material?

Our diamond pads provide many of the same benefits as our MD surfaces for those working with ceramics, minerals, sintered carbides and very hard ferrous metals. They are fully compatible with the MD system, using the MD-Gekko adapter disc.

Diamond pads

  • Metal bonded diamond grinding pad
  • For materials with a hardness higher than 600 HV
  • Available in 4 grain sizes: 250 µm, 125 µm, 40 µm and 20 µm
  • Self-adhesive for use on MD-Gekko

Ensuring certainty

Minimize your supply chain risk and ensure uptime with high quality consumables, reliably delivered when you need them. All consumables ship within 48 hours from our distribution centers across the U.S., Japan, China, Germany and Denmark. Our ISO 9001-certified LEAN production and strict, in-house quality control ensure all consumables perform as promised and contribute to a safer workplace.

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